A cardboard Christmas memory

A young boy sitting in front of a red  cardboard fireplace and chimney. The fireplace and chimney have Christmas stockings hung from it and images of Santa Claus on the chimney. Across the hearth are the words Merry Christmas.

I was going through some old photos for an upcoming work event and came across this little portrait from the mid 70’s.

When I was a kid, we had a cardboard fireplace for Christmas. Which we all thought was the funniest thing because my dad was a mason who built many fireplaces for other homes. Yet we did not have one of our own.

What’s the saying about the cobblers kids?

Anyway, Dad rectified the situation a few years after this photo was taken and built a massive limestone beauty of a fireplace in our basement family room.

I loved the limestone because, if you know where to look, you could spot the imprints of some prehistoric sea creatures trapped in the stone eons ago.


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