Necessary Illusions

I’m getting grumpier. It comes and goes, but I find myself yelling “get off my damn lawn!” more than the laid back 20 year old hackysack playing me would have ever even thought possible.

Is this really what today was all about? Is this how we sum up today?

The prominent discourse I saw on social media today. Tweets aplenty about blue dresses and llama chases.

Meanwhile, one of the most significant decisions about the future of the internet was made today; a decision that Open Media has called, “monumental, and historic” and “a historic victory for the Internet and for Internet users everywhere.” A victory in a battle that has been ongoing for 10 years. The FCC in the US has ruled in favour of Net Neutrality. Yet it seemed that every time I looked at my Twitter or Facebook feed today, or peeked into my Feedly account, all I saw was llamas and dresses (with the occasional much appreciated exception).

I know, I know. Grumpy. What is the harm in blowing off some steam and having some fun? I am guilty as charged of engaging in meme silliness. We all need to have some fun. And you can easily argue that it is the same internet that amplifies llamas and dresses that made possible today’s Net Neutrality win. Tweets, status updates, online petitions, grassroots democracy enabled by the internet making positive change happen. And you would be right. That does make me feel less grumpy.

But still…in the back of my mind, I know I am living in a world where llamas and dresses win. Perez Hilton and Buzzfeed. Necessary illusions. And the Net Neutrality victory today seems hollow when I know that tomorrow the zeitgeist will be populated with llamas in blue dresses.


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3 thoughts on “Necessary Illusions

  1. The only thing I don’t like about this post is that mentions llamas and a dress.

    But no matter how grouchy and contrarian I try to be, I don’t see much to quarrel with today’s FCC ruling. A great day. And maybe fitting that I can’t be on Twitter right now to celebrate it,

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