August 2007


Do students want us in their space?

Got into an interesting discussion last week with a couple of faculty members who are just coming to Facebook for the first time. They have been receiving notifications from former students who have their email address in their address book when they upload them to Facebook. Usually the invitation to the faculty by the student […]


Google releases new research API

Some new geeky goodness from Google aimed squarely at researchers. The University Research Program for Google Search is a new API that gives programmers the ability to tap into Google. In their words: The University Research Program for Google Search is designed to give university faculty and their research teams high-volume programmatic access to Google […]


Desire2Learn 1 Blackboard 0

A judge in Texas has ruled that 35 of the 44 patent claims Blackboard has filed against Desire2Learn are invalid. In addition, the rules have been set down for the future court case. Specifically, the ruling spells out how key terms will be defined for the court case. To illustrate how detailed these proceedings are, […]