Animoto creates very slick videos automatically

This was way too easy to do.

I finally had a minute to test out a new video creation service called Animoto, which promised to automagically create a very slick video with a few clicks of a button. So, to test out the service I choose some photos I took during the recent U20 World Cup here in Victoria. I uploaded the photos, picked one of their music tracks and hit create. All the photo transitions are done by the site. And you can see, it did automagically create a very slick video that I can easily embed into my site.

The service is still in beta. You have to sign up and wait a few days for your invite. And it is limited to 30 seconds for the free service. You can, for a fee, create longer videos. But this was about the easiest piece of multimedia I have ever created.


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2 thoughts on “Animoto creates very slick videos automatically

  1. Hey Clint,

    Thanks for the writeup! We’re actually out of our “sign-up-and-wait” period, so anyone can come to the site and start using it right away after registering. Your experience captured exactly what we’re trying to do–make the video creation process as quick and simple as possible without sacrificing production value. We’re pretty psyched about the feedback we’ve received so far, and it’s a lot of fun having users who love the service and who give a lot of feedback.

    one of the animoto guys

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