February 2008


My morning with Google Sites/Apps

Well, it took a lot of effort this morning, but I’m finally taking a look at Google Sites, which is rising from the ashes of the Jotspot wiki acquisition by Google last year. I almost bailed on the process before I even started. I couldn’t use my existing Google account to log in. Seems that […]

Multimedia Tools

Adobe to add DRM to Flash video?

I imagine video remixers around the world are holding their collective breath today in hopes that Adobe will not go ahead and include Digital Rights Management (DRM) encryption in the new version of Flash servers. One of the great byproducts of the emergence of powerful, free and easy to use media production tools like Jumpcut, […]


Google Docs adds Forms

Google Docs users have a new tool at their disposal – forms. And it looks dead easy to use. Create a spreadsheet, share it as a form, choose who you want to email that form to and Google Docs will collect and tabulate that information in a spreadsheet. I created a form in a minute. […]