Google Docs adds Forms

Google Docs users have a new tool at their disposal – forms. And it looks dead easy to use.

Create a spreadsheet, share it as a form, choose who you want to email that form to and Google Docs will collect and tabulate that information in a spreadsheet.

I created a form in a minute. Fill it out if you would like to give it a try (no personal info or Google account is required). I’ve set it so that responses will be displayed in the form so if you fill it out and go back to the form you’ll see your response. This info also gets added to a spreadsheet that I’ve made public in my Google Docs account.

Dan Schellenberg has created a screencast on how to create a form with Google Docs.


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2 thoughts on “Google Docs adds Forms

  1. Well done. great example. Name, pets name and favourite colour.
    Do you know if you can change the format of the forms so that questions can be moved alonside one another ie change the layout?
    We’re trying to organise a timesheet on forms. Can it be done?

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