Dear lord, algorithms are ruining music, too

From the Pitchfork review of the new album from Greta Van Fleet…

“They are a new kind of vampiric band who’s there to catch the runoff of original classic rock using streaming services’ data-driven business model. Greta Van Fleet exist to be swallowed into the algorithm’s churn and rack up plays, of which they already have hundreds of millions.”

The penny never really dropped until I read that just how big the incentive is these days for a band to closely mimic a major act. I mean, there have always been copycats, but these days with recommendation engines driving so many automated streaming music systems like Spotify, the closer you come to sounding like a major classic act, the better the chances the algorithms will find you and add you into a recommended mix on those services. Don’t be original, you will never be heard. Sound like these big huge acts of old, and the good old magic Spotify algorithm will do its part to make sure you get discovered.

If you are not familiar with Led Greta…



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2 thoughts on “Dear lord, algorithms are ruining music, too

    1. That review ripped them apart. And I confess I enjoy their sound, derivative as it might be.

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