2017 the good

Trying to put the suckitude of 2017 behind me and compile a list of things that made me happy in 2017.

Watching/listening my kids doing things they love brought me a lot of joy this year.

This year, my daughter stepped waaaaaay out of her comfort zone and played organized basketball for the first time.

She continues to dance (ballet and Jazz), play music (piano and, this year, flute in her school band), and take photos. Two of my faves from her.



And bake. Oh man, can she bake.

My son loves soccer and excels at it. I love watching him play.

He showed his determination and grit this year mastering some pretty killer freestyle bike moves.

He also spent a lot of time at the skatepark perfecting tail whips, and on the trampoline prepping for his future parkour career. The things he can get his body to do never cease to amaze me. He also picked up illustration in a big way this year and has been churning out some fabulous pieces.

In August, I rode in my first cycling event. 45k in the annual Tour de Victoria.

Visited Toronto for a couple of events this year and loved spending time in the city. Been close to 20 years since I was last in TO and that was an overnight trip. This time I felt like I got a chance to see a bit of the city, caught a Jays game with friends during the CC Global Summit, and spent a day wandering like a tourist. I got to hang out at the CBC and down by the Henry Moore.

My son and I rode Test of Humanity, a great cross country bike trail in Summerland BC.

I bought a rowing machine.

I saw Chicago with my daughter.

Took in CrankWorx at Whistler where my son met some of his mountain bike heroes.


Running into Martyn & Blake from @globalmountainbikenetwork capped a great day at #crankworx ?? #onehappykid #meetingyourheroes

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Reno’d the upstairs bedrooms. Ripped out a whack of gross old carpet and repainted three rooms. A task that we have wanted to tackle for a long time.

Discovered a bunch of tasty new local beers, including 2 of my new faves Phillips Short Wave and Driftwoods Raised by Wolves. Also got gifted a nice Arizona IPA from Alan appropriately named Road Rash .

Rediscovered my turntable.

Came back from my brother-in-laws Okanogan farm with boxes of fresh cherries.

Built a grind box with my son.


One grind box complete

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Became friends with both my kids on social media for the first time & witness how deftly they are maneuvering their way through their connected social world. One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how they continually use these platforms as learning tools to find and follow their passions, from cooking and baking, to illustration and biking.

Witnessed one of the best Gold Cups that Canada has had in a decade, and the emergence of an exciting young Canadian soccer talent in Alphonso Davies.

Also watched the Whitecaps do their deepest playoff run in their short MLS history.

They take soccer security seriously in Houston

And saw Canada mount a joint World Cup bid with the US and Mexico. Crazy to imagine that there may be a World Cup game in my neck of the woods in my lifetime.

The Oilers playoff run in the spring gave me hope for the hockey future. Of course, that has been dashed this fall…but hey! Still the best Oilers team in many many years.

Improved the backyard chillaxing space with the purchase of an outdoor firepit & a new BBQ.

Refurbished a BMX bike with my son.

Bought a new XC mountain bike. 29-er that has me floating over the west coast roots.

Made music with many friends.

Hung out with my Dad.

Started curling.

Celebrated 14 wonderful years walking down the path with my wife.

2017 wasn’t nearly as sucky as I thought.


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2 thoughts on “2017 the good

  1. Clint, that’s a pretty good year, amazing in fact. Thanks for reminding me to look at the fantastic things going on right under my nose. Even pulling out floor staples – a detestable job – but once it’s done and the new floor is in place…so much better! Wishing you, your family and friends many more good times in the new year.

    1. Thanks Irwin. Same to you and your family. I know 2017 was a transition year for you. I am very happy that you’re retirement plans include becoming a colleague at RRU. I suspect you are taking retirement advice from Tony Bates :).

      Those staples were a funny thing. While I was cursing them at the time, I have to admit there was a certain level of zen involved getting into a groove. And the end result was immensely satisfying.

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