I am working on moving this site (and a number of others) to a new Canadian web host. The cost of maintaining an expensive reseller account with a crazy US-CAN exchange rate combined with the ever increasing ick factor at having so much of my digital identity located on servers in the US is prompting me to move.

Hopefully the move will be smooth, but I do have about 10 years of assorted experiments, mucking around-ness and half ass hackery living deep within the code of these virtual walls. So if there is funkiness on the site over the next few days, the move will likely be the reason.

Image:  Patent Drawing for J. O. Lose’s One Wheeled Vehicle by Darren Cole CC-BY

Done Feb 17/17

CC BY 4.0 Making a virtual move by Clint Lalonde is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Wrangler of learning technologies by day, Dad, cyclist, soccer fan and, lately, home roaster of coffee by night. INFJ. I am the Manager of Educational Technologies at BCcampus, working primarily on open education projects. This blog is a personal blog and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of BCcampus.