What's on your laptop lid?

I love laptop lids and how they have become a space to reflect the personality of the owners; a place where you can tell a story about yourself, your beliefs and the things that are important to you. I find laptop covers fascinating, and when I got to a conference & meet people for the first time, the stickers I see on their laptop cover often becomes a good starting point for conversations to find out more about the people behind the screen.

A short Twitter exchange between George Veletsianos and Martin Weller caught my eye.

Here is my laptop cover. It’s still a work in progress as I have only had it for a couple months.

My current puter

First thing you probably notice about my laptop is that it is not an Apple. Judging from the lids I see at the conferences I attend, I think I am among the minority of the EdTech community in that I am a PC. I love that Martin’s got the Clash smashing guitar sticker overtop the Apple logo giving the impression that Joe Strummer is about to make apple sauce. Nice bit of visual subversion there.

A couple of the stickers on mine are probably pretty familiar – Firefox, Wikipedia, WordPress, MediaWiki, Creative Commons. There is also one from a project that Martin is involved in – the OER Research Hub project. When I was at the Connexions conference in Houston a few months back I met one of Martin’s colleagues working on the project, Dr. Beck Pitt & slipped me the sticker.

The stickers you might not recognize are the Village 900 sticker, which was the campus community radio station I managed for a few years (& sadly, recently went dark), Extreme 107.3 was the last commercial radio station I worked for in 1999/2000 and is, um, also off the air (I sense a theme here). The One Less Car is from the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition. I am an avid cyclists and, at one time, was active as a volunteer with the GVCC. There is one of these on my bike as well. The last (for the time being) sticker is the Open for Learning sticker is from the 2011 ETUG spring workshop held in Nelson, BC which, in retrospect, I wish I made a better effort to attend.

So, what is on your laptop lid? What stories does it tell about you? I’d love to see a photo of it & hear some of your stories.


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    1. Awesome. And a great placement of the Batman sticker. Like Martin, it uses the Apple logo to great effect. And I love the Beeker MEEP. He was at the top of the list of my favorite Muppet characters…between Beeker and the Swedish Chef.

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