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A tweet from Emma (@sunnydeveloper) just made my day.

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The backstory

A few months ago I wrote a blog post titled Open is an attitude in which I used a project that Emma and I worked on (Mozilla HackJam) to illustrate some of the ways in which “open” influenced how that event unfolded. Last week, that blog post was remixed by students participating in the #teachtheweb MOOC (Mozilla Open Online Collaboration) event currently underway. The students have the following as an assignment:

MAKE Project this week: Find someone to collaborate with and create a make about why being open is important to you.

So, a group of learners in the MOOC got together and decided to use my Creative Commons licensed blog post (that allows for remixing) as the basis for their project. Among the artifacts they created includes a series of visuals that have been released on Flickr under a Creative Commons license for others to now take and use/adapt, and a CC-BY YouTube video that can also be used and adapted by others.

Needless to say, seeing my work used, reused and remixed in this way makes this open educator very happy.


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    1. Thanks Sheri. And right back at you. Remixing takes not only willingness to share, but a willingness from others to reuse something that someone else has created.

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