I wonder how these students felt at the end of this term with this instructor?

Valued? Recognized? Appreciated? I wonder what “assessment” of their work by their instructor, alejandra m. pickett, these students will remember 20 years from now: the mark they received, or this?

As I watched this, I was reminded of this quote by Malcolm Knowles:

Learning is a very human activity. The more people feel they are being treated as human beings – that their human needs are being taken into account – the more they are likely to learn, and learn to learn.

Could there be a more wonderful way to let your students know they are human beings than by acknowledging and recognizing the qualities and attributes in each one that make them unique individuals? That you noticed them, and appreciated the fact that each one of them brought something unique and special to the experience?

Side note: It looks like alejandra used Animoto to create this video, which is free for educators.


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4 thoughts on “I wonder how these students felt at the end of this term with this instructor?

  1. i just found this… astonished. i love that you completely got it. LOVE the Knowles quote! My students are master's level fully online students. we NEVER met face to face. The video is my farewell surprise gift to them – so that they know that i really got to know them – as people.Thanks for your post.

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