5 Features of Moodle 2 – Infographic

CTET at Royal Roads is hosting an Open House on Wednesday, October 19th. As part of the Open House I’ll be talking to staff and faculty about our Moodle 2 migration project.

To help spur the conversations, I created a poster/infographic about 5 features of Moodle 2 that our faculty and program associates might find interesting (click image for a larger version). If you would find it useful, feel free to use it as per the CC license attached to the document.

5 Features of Moodle 2

We’re also going to be handing out copies of this wonderful Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers, created by Joyce Seitzinger (@catspyjamasnz on Twitter).


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4 thoughts on “5 Features of Moodle 2 – Infographic

  1. Thanks! I was just talking to my coworkers about some sort of visual for the new features in Moodle 2. Then I went to my much neglected Google Reader page and this was waiting for me. Serendipity is great 🙂

    1. Glad you found it useful. One of the major new features of 2 that i didn't add to the graphic was conditional activities, not because I didn't think it was important or useful, but for the particular audiences I had for this graphic I wasn't sure that would be something that would be useful for them at this point. But certainly conditional activities is a great new feature.

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