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I’ve been messing around with creating QR codes (PDF). We’ve been talking mobile lately at work and brainstorming different strategies we can start using quickly to get people thinking mobile, while providing some useful services to the students & faculty we serve. So, I wanted to see just how difficult it was to create a useful QR code. Turns out, not difficult at all.

A little searching found a number of sites to create QR codes. After trying a few, I stumbled upon the QR Code and 2D Code Generator by Keram Erkan that generates a huge variety of QR codes, including codes that will create links to a variety of websites, send emails, and even automatically hook your mobile device to a wifi network (how useful/popular would that be for students on campus?)

So, here is my first QR code, created in about 30 seconds. I’d appreciate it if you have a mobile device to give it a try and let me know if it works (I’ve tested on my Android powered HTC Magic running Barcode Scanner). This QR should take you to my About page.

About Me QR Code


Clint Lalonde

Just a guy writing some stuff, mostly for me these days on this particular blog. For my EdTech/OpenEd stuff, check out https://edtechfactotum.com/.


6 thoughts on “QR Codes

  1. Neat! It worked for me as well with my HTC Hero and Barcode Scanner. Thanks for sharing the link, I have been meaning to play around with this and now I have no excuses 🙂

  2. Yep, took me right there. Your About Me page renders quite nicely on a small screen. I've been playing with QR, but still need to learn more about how much data can be stored there without just creating a confusing mess of stuff. Seems like it's best to put most of the stuff at the destination, but that's what I need to learn more about.

    1. Thanks for testing that, Barry. What device are you using?

      Yeah, that's been my first take as well – QR as a pointer to content in other places. And it's an easy one for people who are not familiar with QR codes to quickly wrap their heads around the concept as the QR acts like a common link.

      Hooking into services on your mobile is also another place where I can see utility, like the "hook my device to the local wifi" QR code from the site I link to above.

      BTW, I'm running the WPTouch theme on my site, which is why the About page renders well for mobiles. It's a nice plugin http://www.bravenewcode.com/store/plugins/wptouch

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