What research has to say for practice

This looks like a really useful set of online learning resources. Created by researchers with the Association for Learning Technology in the UK, What research has to say for practice is a wiki containing nine guides on various topics related to online learning. The topics are:

  1. Tutoring on-line – Gilly Salmon and Mike Keppell
  2. Web-based course design – Robin Mason and Frank Rennie
  3. Learner acceptance of on-line learning and e-learning – Allison Littlejohn and Brian Whalley
  4. Learning objects and repositories – Allison Littlejohn and John Cook
  5. Learning using mobile and hand-held devices – Mike Sharples and Agnes Kukuluska-Hulme
  6. On-line communities – Frank Rennie and Mike Keppell
  7. Technology-supported assessment – David Nicol
  8. Learning environments – Bob Banks and Gilly Salmon
  9. Using social software in learning – Frances Bell and Frank Rennie

Not only do the guides provide a strong overview of the topics, but are well referenced and (being that it is a wiki) editable by anyone who creates an account.

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