Image editing and embedding content in WPMU 2.9

I finally got around to upgrading our WPMU instance to to 2.9 (2.9.2 to be exact) and playing with some of the new features. So far the image editing has been a bit of a disappointment, but the oEmbed feature is, quite simply, awesome. Somehow, embedding content in now even easier than before.

The new image editor has some basic image editing functionality. You can crop, resize or rotate a photo. I couldn’t get the crop working after working with it for the better part of an afternoon. At first, how to crop wasn’t fully intuitive to me and it wasn’t until I read this blog post that the (admittedly dim) light bulb went off. Oh, I have to hit the crop button again. D’oh. Then when I went to insert the cropped image into the post, the aspect ratio of the image got skewed as the cropped image took up the entire dimensions of the original image. I also couldn’t save the cropped image back to my media library, but as others have pointed out, these issues may have more to do with folder permissions and settings in my PHP libraries than with the WP image editor, so I’ll be taking a closer look at those as I play more with image editing.

One other little thing about the image editor – it seems to be available only when you first insert an image into a post. If you try to go back and edit the image after it has been instered, the editor doesn’t appear as an option in the pop-up. You have to delete the image from the post and reinsert the image to enable the editor again.

Okay, that aside, the oEmbed support is a killer feature, especially for someone who finds themself supporting novice users. Embedding content from another site has never been so easy. If you want to embed content from another oEmbed enabled site (and a number of the big ones like YouTube, Flickr, Scribd and are oEmbed capable), all you pretty well have to do is copy and paste the url of the content you want into the body of your post (make sure it is on it’s own line and not hyperlinked) and you are good to go. Good stuff.


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4 thoughts on “Image editing and embedding content in WPMU 2.9

  1. Yes,
    This oEmbed feature is awesome, and I am dying to use it. A very good replacement for Anarchy Media player. Now, let me ask you this conundrum I have been carrying around for a while ow, how do you embed audio, or at least allow folks to upload it and get a quick, inline flash player?

    Anarchy media Player remains invaluable for that in our environment, and I'm wondering if there are other solutions you have been exploring?
    My recent post “My Students were Teenage Zombies”

    1. Jim, I've got nothing for you, other than hopes and dreams. Hope in the form of the Blubrry PowerPress podcasting plugin that I have on deck to test out ( The other plugin I have to test is the Yahoo Media Player plugin (… I have tested neither in WordPress (although use the Yahoo Media Player quite often in other projects), but I am hoping one of these two will work for audio.

  2. Thanks Clint, oEmbed support is perfect for the users I work with! We've just upgraded to 2.9.2 and I look forward to sharing this feature.

    I'm disappointed with image editor in WPMU as well. For my first test, I added an image, chose Edit Image, scaled the image, and then inserted into my post. The editor inserted the original, not the scaled image. I'll be encouraging my users to edit their images before adding them to WordPress. is a favourite for its simplicity for novice users.

    1. I applaud WP for taking a stab at image editing – when this feature matures a bit I think it will also move into the killer category. But for now I think I'll also be suggesting to take the image editing outside of WP. Thanks for the tip on WebResizer…

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