Walls Optional: Camosun's Annual Teaching and Learning Event

Walls Optional

I am very excited about Walls Optional, the annual in house professional development day we organizes for Camosun faculty, staff and administrators and the main reason for the excitement is our keynote speaker, Dr. Alec Couros, professor of educational technology and media in the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina.

Alec’s keynote is title A Tweet and a Poke: How Educators Harness the Power of Social Networks. And it promises to be a good one as the buzz around social networks in our society increases with every new Twitter and Facebook account created. Where education fits into the social network landscape is one of the focus areas of Alec’s keynote.

New this year is the expansion of the planning team to include the entire Educational Support and Development department. This means a wider variety of workshops, with a particular emphasis on the newest members of the ERD team, the Camosun library. Sybil Harrison and the library staff are preparing 2 excellent workshops; It’s Not Just About the Books which will take a look at the ways libraries are evolving in the digital world, and Copyright in the Remix World.

DE will also be offering our usual assortment of workshop goodies, including an Overview of Desire2Learn for new faculty who haven’t yet taken the plunge into the D2L world. Also on the D2L front, Camosun instructors Pasquale Fiore and Rosemary Mason will be doing a workshop on how D2L saves them time with course administration. Meghan Moore is offering a workshop on Blended Learning, and Jennifer Stein is teaming up with Dianne Binn from Aboriginal Education & Community Connections to talk about a new tool available to faculty to help with the Indiginization of course material. Rounding out the schedule will be session from Joan Yates in the School of Business on characteristics of the new student, based on research work she has recently completed as part of her Masters thesis.

Finally, I’ll be poping up with a session that, well, looks like a joyous mess. For now I’m calling it EdTech Bootcamp. The idea is that I am going to throw out a bunch of ideas and tools and let the participants decide where we will go. I am making the lab tech’s quite nervous because they keep asking me to tell them exactly what I need to have installed on the computers in the lab. I don’t know. Just give me Firefox and the ability for users to add some plugins and off we go. Yes, it will be messy, but then again, learning is messy. I suspect there will be some stuff on wiki’s and blogs, YouTube and podcasting. I’m using a wiki as a scratch pad if you want to watch an unstructured session (d)evolve.

We’ve capped registration at 125 and have limited it to Camosun faculty, staff and administrators. If you want to find out more or are from Camosun and want to register, you can visit the Walls Optional website.


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3 thoughts on “Walls Optional: Camosun's Annual Teaching and Learning Event

  1. Hi Clint,
    I'm planning to come over to the Island from North Vancouver with a couple of my colleagues for Walls Optional. Although in this post you state registration is limited it to Camosun faculty, staff and administrators, on the web site it seems to indicate that after April 15th you are open to registrations from the broader community. I completed the online registration for myself and my two colleagues from the North Vancouver School District — I just wanted to check that everything is OK, and that we will be welcome.

    It looks like you have a great program planned! I'm looking forward to participating.

    1. That's the plan right now. Watch twitter and I'll post the URL the morning of.

      But who knows what firewall tweaks our network administrators make on the morning of the keynote 🙂 At the very least, there will be an archive available.

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