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Looking for Canadian Creative Commons projects

If you have been involved with the Creative Commons community, you will have no doubt run into Kelsey Wiens. Kelsey was a Canadian ex-pat working in South Africa, and was deeply involved in Creative Commons South Africa. Kelsey was also the driving force behind Open Textbooks for Africa. Earlier this year, Kelsey relocated from South Africa back […]


What would you do with a Creative Commons certificate?

I’ve been following the development of a Creative Commons certificate since last fall. Paul Stacey from Creative Commons paid a visit to the BCcampus office looking for some feedback on a DACUM-inspired curriculum process he was leading, and on the potential value of a CC certificate. Developing a certificate program that is flexible enough to consider […]


Add a Creative Commons search widget to a site

Been meaning to post this code snippet for awhile. Maarten Zeinstra posted this bit of code to the CC-Community listsrv last fall. It allows you to embed a Creative Commons search form on a webpage. This form will launch a CC search on a number of different search engines, including Google, Flickr, the Wikimedia Commons […]


Into the great wide open

Had the opportunity to channel my inner Brian Lamb and talk about open education this week at the 2013 Tourism Educators Conference at Royal Roads University. Here are the slides from my presentation, released CC-BY so feel free to download and use any you wish. Into the Great Wide Open from Clint lalonde


Changing my CC license

This blog used to be licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike license (CC-BY-NC-SA). That changed today when I decided to remove the NC and SA clauses and just make it CC-BY. As part of the BCcampus open textbook project, I’ve been digging deep into researching the various types of CC licenses. After seeing […]

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Supporting what I use

This past week, I have been spending money, primarily getting ready for the upcoming holiday season. But along the way I’ve also been spending some money and supporting a few of the free online services and products that I rely on everyday. My first stop, the Wikipedia store, where I dropped $25 on an “I […]

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Capilano University embraces OpenCourseWare

This is pretty exciting. I just came across Capilano University’s OpenCourseWare site where anyone can access and reuse Capilano University course material. Like the MIT version, Capilano has made learning resources available for free to anyone in the world. What this means for faculty at other institutions is that Capilano has released this material with […]

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Virgin, Creative Commons and Flickr

Virgin Mobile in Australia is creating a bit of a buzz by using photos they found on Flickr licensed using the Creative Commons license in advertising campaigns, including as the basis for their Virgin website Are you with us or what? A Flickr Group called “Virgin Mobile – Are you with us or what” has […]