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Creating Interactive Lessons using Ted-Ed

You are probably familiar with TED Talks, a series of 18 minute video lectures recorded at the annual TED Conference. But did you know that TED also provides a handy tool for educators to turn those talks (and other videos) into interactive lessons?

TED-Ed is a platform that allows educators to take any video and make a lesson out of it.

Robert Hanlon, Faculty in Peace & Conflict Studies at RRU, recently used TED-Ed to create 2 interactive lessons for his students; Salma in the Square – Egypt and Witness – The Mayor of Mogadishu. I had the chance to speak to Robert about the lessons, why he decided to use TED-Ed, and what it was like working with the TED-Ed tool (note the audio is slightly clipped for the first 10 seconds).

CC BY 4.0 Creating Interactive Lessons using Ted-Ed by Clint Lalonde is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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