What I learned at Northern Voice

Northern Voice. Finally. After trying to go for the past 2 years, 2010 was the year my stars aligned and I was able to make it across the straight for the big show. If you are not familiar, Northern Voice is an annual conference that began in 2005 as a conference for bloggers by bloggers, and has since expanded to include other types of social media.

Now, while the sessions and topics are interesting and all (some were recorded, but better yet, check out this set of graphics created by Rachel Smith on her iPad), the big draw for me was the opportunity to reconnect and put faces to avatars with so many people who I admire in the academic and technology space I haunt. My PLN was IRL. OMG.

This isn’t going to come close to capturing everything, but here are some personal things I’ve taken away from the weekend.

But the biggest epiphany that I had over the weekend was with regard to the great debt of gratitude I owe my colleague and friend, Scott Leslie. If I had to point a finger at the connector (in the Gladwell sense) within my personal learning network, Scott is the one. He has spread his coattails wide and has graciously allowed me to ride on them, which has given me the opportunity to meet people whose work at the junction of education and technology I admire. He’s like the friend who manages to get backstage passes to the best concert in town and invites me along for the ride. I feel I owe a lot to Scott, and am grateful to have him within my circle as both a colleague and a friend. Oh, and he unorganized a kick-ass altmoosecamp.

Here’s what others thought of Northern Voice this year (although after reading a few of the more mainstream articles, I was left wondering if we were at the same conference).


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7 thoughts on “What I learned at Northern Voice

    1. Great to meet you too, Nancy. You've inspired me to doodle on the big old whiteboard on the wall behind me. I have some coloured markers at the ready! Begone, stark white nothingness!

  1. Really sorry I missed NV this year, that makes two years in a row now—but glad to hear it was everything you hoped. The pople and groove is as good as I've ever experienced at a conference, and I have to agree with you about Scott Leslie, he is increasingly becoming a kind of guru for me of thinking through the experience and focusing on the real personal nature of the virtual space we inhabit.

    Finally, thanks for the hangover cure 🙂

    1. I can tell you that you were definitely there in spirit and I look forward to the day we meet in person and talk about our favorite old skool Spiderman episodes.

  2. It was awesome hanging out with you and putting our AR to work for expresso and bacon-fuelled #hangovercamp cures. Loving the Richard Thompson you recommendedhttp://skreemr.com/link.jsp?id=65534252555566&amp… and really appreciate your insights into institutional challenges regarding various educational technologies. Thanks for the reminder on Festival Express … a new entry in my monster #nv10 Evernote collection …

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