September 2007

All the rest

Google Calendar knows Gmail

I’m not a power user of any of the Google tools. I have accounts and I do use Docs & Spreadsheets, Calendar and Gmail, but I barely scratch the surface beyond the basics of these tools. So when I stumbled across this little feature today, it made me pause and reflect that I really need […]


A walled garden falls

The New York Times is opening up their website, ending a two year experiment in charging for online content. Despite the fact that they had over 250,000 subscribers and their subscription revenue was over $10 million dollars, in the end The Times decided they could make much more with online advertising than with keeping the […]


Google Presentations is up

Just checked my Google Docs account after being tipped off by Mr. Belshaw. Sure enough, Google has finally launched their Presentations application as part of Google Docs and Spreadsheets. To access the presentation software, click on New in Google Docs. Okay, off to play!


Facebook is not how life works

Following up on a post from a few days ago regarding whether or not students want us in their space, I just came across an interesting article from the Washington Post called An Unmanageable Circle of Friends. Overall the article is critical of social networks and the seemingly shallow relationships between people that often form. […]


Another year begins

I took these photos looking west on Hillside/Lansdowne Road, which is one of the main arteries leading from downtown Victoria to the University of Victoria and Camosun College. The top was taken on Friday morning, the bottom this morning. I’m really glad I live close enough that I can walk to work.